ADR Awareness

Our ADR General Awareness online course allows individuals to understand the rules and to safely carry, receive and handle consignments of dangerous goods and limited quantity goods according to the rules.

The concept of LQ goods applies across all modes of transport. Duties of the carrier and consignor vary significantly for air transport (IATA regulations), sea (IMDG regulations), rail (RID regulations) and road (ADR regulations).



  • Administrators

  • Warehouse Personnel

  • Loaders / unloaders / Forklift operators

  • Drivers carrying limited quantity products (LQ)



  • Identifying labels and placards

  • Key day-to-day responsibilities

  • Safe and correct operating procedures

  • Potential risks in the handling of hazardous goods

  • Potential risks in the handling of limited quantity provisions


This course promotes safe operation, reducing the risk of an incident whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.


A certificate of achievement is issued upon successful completion.